2016 Tuition Rates

Child's Age Weekly Rate (Full Time) Hourly Rate (Part Time)
6 weeks - 12 months $153.00 $4.85
13 months - 2 years $150.00 $4.85
3 years - 1st day of Kindergarten $143.00 $4.85
Kindergarten $130.00 $4.85







1st grade- 6th grade    $90.00 (during school year)    $125.00 (during summer months, the cost of all field trips is included in summer tuition) (No hourly rate for school age children)

All Meals and Snacks are included in the cost of tuition!

Registration Fee- $25/child or $40/family

Deposit- $25/family (This deposit is applied to your last week of tuition.)

Low income families may be able to receive help paying child care tuition through the state’s Child Care Works Subsidy program. Contact Child Care Information Services to see if your family qualifies.

CCIS of Franklin County
533 South Main Street
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Phone: (717) 263-6549
Toll-Free Phone: 1-800-682-5702
Fax: (717) 263-7060

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