Bright Beginnings provides full day care services for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children. Each age group has a daily schedule packed with fun and learning to meet their developmental needs.

Full-time Care
Children who attend the center 30 hours per week or more are considered full-time and pay a weekly tuition rate. Tuition is due on the Friday prior to the week of service.

Part-time Care
Children who attend the center less than 30 hours per week are considered part-time and pay an hourly rate. Part-time tuition is calculated according to the total number of hours the child is scheduled to attend the center. Tuition is due on the Friday prior to the week of service. Parents who do not have a set work schedule should estimate the number of hours their child will need to attend and pay for those hours. If they attend more than the amount estimated, the additional charge will be added to the next week’s tuition.

Preschool Only
For those interested in a preschool experience for their child, we offer a flexible scheduling option. Preschool instruction is held from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM each day. Children, who do not need day care services, may attend during this time and may choose which days and how many they attend. The tuition rate is the same as our hourly rate for part-time children as explained above.

Our Preschool program focuses on Kindergarten preparation. Children ages 3, 4 and 5 will learn:

  • To write their name
  • Math- counting, recognizing and writing numbers
  • Alphabet- recognizing and writing letters, beginning phonics
  • Science
  • Music and Art
  • Social skills

Drop-in Care
Parents needing sporadic care may register their children and pay the hourly rate whenever they need care. When care is needed, parents must call the center to ensure there is room for their child that day. Payment is due at drop-off.

Summer Program for School Age children
During the summer, school age children participate in field trips twice a week. Transportation is provided on our bus to local parks, the community pool and other fun and educational activities. School age children also participate in 4-H learning activities provided by the Franklin County Penn State Extension Office.

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